Being a frequent traveller often faced with exorbitant WiFi fees in airports and such places within Australia, I turned my head towards equipping my Sony Ericsson K700i for use as a Bluetooth Modem. This should have been really easy, the only problem being that I couldn’t find comprehensive instructions for setting it up under Mac OS X. The data tech support at Vodafone was fantastic, but was mostly Windows centric.

After a bit of searching and trial and error, I finally got a successful Bluetooth Modem connection via GPRS on my PowerBook. I decided to write my own tutorial for any other users hoping to set up their phone for use with the Vodafone Internet gateway and a Sony Ericsson phone as a Bluetooth Modem.

There are modem scripts available for other phones and the settings described below are likely to also work with them, although the phone set up will be slightly different from the instructions I give below.

Please feel free to comment on the article or add any information you might find useful.

Disclaimer: I wrote this article to help anyone who needs a quick step-by-step guide. It is based on the fact that it worked for me. This is not an official help article from either Vodafone or Apple. I make no guarantees that it will work with your setup. I also can’t be responsible for any unforseen problems it may cause with your computer, your phone or any other aspect of your personal life. The settings are fairly innocuous and are unlikely to caused the aforementioned problems, but please don’t hold me accountable if they do.

With that out of the way, let’s get cracking.

System Requirements

  • A Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. I have tested with the Sony-Ericsson K700i, so this should work with most SE models in a similar fashion. You can download scripts for other phones from Ross Barkman’s website below.
  • Mac OS X 10.3 Panther with Bluetooth enabled. Again this is what I tested on and am yet to test on 10.2 Jaguar, I will update once I find a test machine running Jaguar.

Downloading The Modem Scripts

Your first move should be to download the Sony Ericsson GPRS Modem Scripts for Mac OS X at VersionTracker provided by Ross Barkman. You can get them directly from his site too, but they are easier to find at VersionTracker. Ross’ site has heaps of other useful information if you get stuck or want to download scripts for other phones. He also has a comprehensive list of common GPRS provider configurations.

You will need to extract the downloaded StuffIt archive into the following folder:
Macintosh HD > Library > Modem Scripts

You will have a bunch of files that correspond to different CIDs (Connection IDs) on your mobile phone. CIDs will be explained later.

Next you will set up your mobile phone to use a custom data connection that will be referenced by one of the CID scripts.

Pairing Your Computer With Your Mobile Phone

You will need to successfully pair your mobile phone with your computer. You can use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant to achieve this. The assistant is easy to set up, so just follow the steps:

  • Applications > Utilities > Bluetooth Setup Assistant

More info on how to do this is available at Apple Support.

Setting Up Your Mobile Phone

On your phone, go to:

  • Menu > Connectivity > Data Comm. > Data Accounts

Assuming you are with Vodafone Australia, you will see 3 options:

  • New account
  • VFAU Gateway
  • VF Internet

Since none of the default options are set up correctly for GPRS Modem Access, we will need to create a Custom Data Connection by selecting New Account from this menu.

  1. Choose Account Type: GPRS Data.
  2. Call it VF Custom
  3. Edit the APN and change it to: vfinternet.au. Leave Username and Password blank

Your new account should have been successfully created. If you select this account and press More > Account info, you will see an External ID number. This is what will be referenced by your CID number in your modem script. CIDs are assigned in order, so if you have 2 previous accounts (as is the default with Vodafone), your newly created custom account will have an External ID of 3.

You will now need to edit some more details by selecting VF Custom and clicking Edit.

  • Set Authentication options so that only the None option is checked.
  • Leave both Data Compression and Header Compression (the bottom 2 options) turned off.

Press Back once you are done.

You should now have your phone correctly set up and can proceed to configure your Mac to utilize this connection.

Setting Up Your Mac

On your Mac, go to the Apple Menu at the top left and select System Preferences, then click Network to open your Network Preferences.

From the Location: drop-down, select New Location … I called my location “GPRS”.

From the Show: drop-down, select Bluetooth.

Click the TCP / IP tab and make sure Configure IPv4: shows Using PPP. Everything else in this section can be left blank.

Click the PPP tab and enter the following details:

  • Service Provider: Vodafone
  • Telephone Number: vfinternet.au

Everything else should be left blank.

Click the PPP Options … button and enter the details as shown in the dialogue in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

Click the Bluetooth Modem tab and enter the following details (also shown in Figure 2 below):

  • Modem: Sony Ericsson GPRS CID3 +CGQREQNote: the CID number refers to the External ID number of the VF Custom Data Account you set up on your phone. If your External ID is NOT 3, then you should select the CID that matches the External ID of the VF Custom Data Account you set up.
  • Enable error correction and compression in modem – checked
  • Wait for dial tone before dialing – unchecked

Figure 2

Click the Apply Now button.

That’s it! Hopefully all is good now.

Click the PPP tab again and click the Dial Now … button. This should bring up an Internet Connect window to start showing a connection status. A successful connection should look like this:

Figure 3

Note: In cases of network congestion or low reception, you might not get a successful connection. If this is the case, try again in a few minutes or move to an area with better reception.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please comment below and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

Good Luck!

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  1. You are a nerd.

  2. This was great. Works with my PB G4 and a SonyEricsson V800. Thank you!

  3. Bluetooth
    Heute habe ich mir mal einen Bluetooth-USB-Adapter (von Belkin) für mein iBook gegönnt: Jetzt kann ich endlich das Adressbuch und den Kalender mit meinem Handy (Sony Ericsson T630) abgleichen. Wirklich praktisch. Mit dem Nokia Connector (danke, fscklog…

  4. I tried to connect to Airtel India GPRS service using T630 but I get an error ‘Could not open communication device.

    Any idea why?

  5. I got it working. I had another program using the device in bluetooth mode.


  6. Great stuff mate…everything went fine…i am running GPRS on my powerbook now…Thank you very much

  7. Thanks for all the comments and emails guys.

    Glad to see that this has been helpful to others :)

  8. Hi..You have put APN and telephone no. as “vfinternet.au”
    I am in India and my service provider is Airtel. do i get this detail from my SP or will it just become “airtel.com”

  9. I got it….will try it out now….

  10. Thanks for the great help!
    You guys are obviously very smart, but it seems so simple, why haven’t Apple or Sony put this out there for their customers!?!

  11. I managed to have everything working, but the speed of connection is really low – just about the same as what I got when I used one of the standard Ericsson modem drivers from the dropdown list, which showed 2400bps as my connection speed. I’m using iMac with integrated bluetooth and SE K700i. Any suggestions? Thx

  12. Hi Dejan.

    Ross’ scripts are not designed to increase your connection speed, only make the connection *somewhat* more straightforward. Slow connection speeds are more likely network dependent. A call to your network operator might shed some light.

  13. Cheers mate !! I am a humble kiwi and your information has been so informative and helpful. The phone works as a modem !! Why can’t Sony Ericsson have had the sense to pay you for this information? Thanks one more time . Clive.

  14. Thx man! I’m glad to hear the problem lies with the provider, since I’ve waisted way too much time trying to ‘speed up’ my connection :-) by changing settings over and again on my computer. GPRS service is still in a test phase in my country, so I believe that’s the reason why the connection is so slow. Thanks for the tip! Cheers

  15. Fantastic tutorial – worked 1st time using my iBook, VFAU and a K700i. Hope you don’t mind, have linked to this from the forums at http://appletalk.com.au to make it easier for other users to find.

  16. I followed this as meticulously as I could, but can’t seem to get Internet Connect to go beyond the ‘authentication’ phase… It says “connecting”, then “establishing connection”, then goes to ‘authenticating’…. and hangs there…. Any ideas? Using a SE t610, Powerbook G4… and the modem scripts listed above…

  17. Hi Dave.

    What network are you trying to connect to? Your first step should be to check with your network as to whether your login information is correct. A bad auth should throw an error, but a hang is just as likely. Some networks also have different preferences requirements for error correction and compression.

  18. anyone help me set this up to 02 in uk?

  19. Have you checked Ross Barkman’s GPRS provider details here? O2 is listed under UK.

  20. I’m clearly doing something wrong; running PB G4 10.3.8 and SE S700i on Vodafone (UK) I can’t get a bluetooth connection. Pairs ok, but system keeps over-writing password in Internet Connect and also asked for CID when setting up phone (left blank – it later filled with APN). External ID on phone shows 6, so no CID equivalent in scripts. Any ideas?

    many thanks

  21. Thankyou so much for all the effort gone into research and making this page :) I have added your page to my del.icio.us bookmarks


  22. Hi all,

    I got mine working in Ireland…. well I’ve spent the last week trying to find a way to connect my apple G4 PowerBook via a Sony Ericsson V800 phone with (vodafone.ie). All of the above posts are v relevent. esp first post.

    First connect your phone via open bluetooth preferences. It does seem to have a problem when you browse devices on you mac via ‘browes devices’ under bluetooth. so open the ‘open bluetooth preferences’ window and the ‘select devices’ tab, you should see your phone listed with

    Pared; YES
    Favourite: YES

    Connected: NO

    The best way to now get it to connect is through your phone… Go to Connectivity > Bluetooth > My Devices > Select your computer or ‘Add Device’ (if not set up already) see above posts for info on this.

    Do all as in first post in Data Accounts setup but remember the APN for vodafone Ireland is office.vodafone.ie

    APN: office.vodafone.ie
    User Name: Vodafone
    Password: Vodafone
    ISP Telephone number: *99#

    The most important part of the above is the ISP Telephone number bit. I was using all sorts of bit an bobs that I had found on the internet with no joy until I came across this


    I rang the vodafone support guys and was told they had a top notch Mac guy who would call me back and talk me through the steps… He did ring me back to tell me how he was a super duper wooooper tech head and that even ‘he’ couldn’t set it up…. and that he has been workng on it for months now. After trying to talk down to me (the thicko), he then pointed me to the http://www.taniwha.org.uk site and said he would be working on a script for it and would let me know, bla bla bla.

    Sounded like a spootie faced stuck up little shit, to be honest (he could even be reading this now trying to find out how to do his job) . Anyway I have is done now so don’t bother ringing me.

    I hope this post will help others.

    P.S. I not sure about the speed. Connection speed is not available but it doesn’t seem next nor near broadband…more like between 56k modem and ISDN

    best of luck all…

  23. Did anyone manage to get it running on UK O2? I’ve been playing around with this on a T610, Z600 and now my new S700i for over a year and still no joy :(

    As a side note, well done Bodoggy for using wordpress. I run my Blog on wp as well.

  24. I found your page a big help in getting my v800 on Vodafone to work with OS X Tiger. Just for the record, here are my settings:

    Account Name: web
    Password: web
    Telephone Number *99***3# (change the ’3′ to whichever CID you need to use, but for Vodafone it’s pre-set to 3 for pay monthly phones)

    I downloaded the modem script from Ross Barkman, which is named “Vodafone VC701SI” on the modem drop-down bar.

    I’m still unclear if it is using GPRS or 3G, but it’s pretty quick.

  25. thanks got it going very easy to use instructions!

  26. Thanks for a great tutorial. Got my PBG4 and Sony Erricsson T630 working on vodafone australia.

    Now, its a bit slow. Any tips on speeding things up?

    Also I noticed that vodafone must have proxy or caching server that edits contents in transit, cos its doing jpeg recompression inline. A pic is all blurry over bluetooth at home, but if i disconnect gprs, and go back to broadband and reload the page, the pic is sharp again. Probably useful most of the time your on GPRS, but not if image quality is absolutley important (i.e. graphic design).

    Thanks again!

  27. Works perfectly. (Connecting on a V800 to Vodafone 3G in England)

  28. Sir, Trying to connect to Sony P910. But the scripts are not working. The error i get is could not establish connection. Check ur settings again.

  29. can u give a setting 4 gprs for sony ericson t 630 with airtel card

  30. Hi there.

    Thanks for the hints. I am trying to connect T630 in Spain via Movistar. Seems that everything set right, but i always get an error on my phone ” GPRS Parameters are not supported” and then i get disconnected. I have a WAP via GPRS on my phone and its working fine. However then i set my data account and try to put APN (movistar.es) next time i enter edit the setting and its gone. Any ideas?



  31. Thanks heaps mate, worked a treat.
    Follow the bouncing ball – bullet proof.
    Got my PBG4 and SEK700i online in seconds.

  32. Hi,
    I have been frustrating the hell out of myself with this. I am working on a PBG4 with tiger 10.4. I am desperately trying to hook up a GPRS connection through my SE K700i. I have entered all the details as you suggest using orangeinternet.uk (as my network provider is orange uk- is this correct???)
    -I have paired the phone and the PB no problem, when I go for connection it is trying to connect but I then get an error message through internet connect telling me that there is “no carrier detected. Please check phone line and try again.” Ive tried so many times know my head is mashed.

    You obviously have this sussed for panther. Please tell me you have a fix for tiger. I can find no suitable help anywhere else on the net your article is by far and away the best. Please can you help???

  33. Hi, I work with an Apple powerbook G4 with tiger 10.4. x. I am desperately trying to hook up a UMTS connection through my Nokia N70. It has never functioned. But now, after I have exactly followed your instructions, it completely acts. Really first-class!. I already thought my head exploded, as long as I had already tried it. Who understands these instructions creates the breakthrough! Many thanks for the help!!



    I am working on a Apple Powerbook G4 with tiger 10.4.x. I´ve tried so many times know my head is burning.

    But after i read your suggestions, i got it. Now it works fine. Thank you for your very usefull informations.

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ive been trying to get this to work for several days, been talking to all kind of support people, and was this close to giving up, when I found your instructions. And now it works!

  35. Worked like a charm!
    (K700i+Vodafone Sweden)

  36. Brilliant! Thanks.

    Jason, are you sure your access point name is correct? I would call your network and ask them.

  37. can i get a detail config.. for sharing my 700i GPRS with my laptop.


  38. Great, thanks! Works fine on my iBook G4 with my K700i!

  39. I have a Sony ericsson phone – S700i, where all set up are done forGPRS and I can borwse wap sites on my phone. I have a bluetooth dongle IVT corporation bluesoil, cdesktop comp: XP service pack2. Whenever I open my blue tooth window and try to dial my default internet connection (dial-up net worling) via bluetoothmodem it says-Error:678 The remote computer didn’t respond. But for a second in my phone it shows that it is dialing up a number and then it gets disconnected. If I try to dial my home phone no same thing it happens and gives the same error message. How ever I can use the same internet connection without any problem through my modem card and telephone line. Same problem I faced with my earlier version of phone K700i.
    Please help.
    Thanks and regards
    22JUL 2006

  40. Thanks again for all the comments and extra hints. A few of the last comments got lost in a sea of spam, so they are now finally approved. Looks like I’m going to have to look at a better comment spam blocking system :(

  41. hello! please help me, why i cant connect through internet in my mobile z800???

    please help me i really want to know what it is, because its my first to use sony ericson vodafone..

  42. i was wondering when you connected the phone to the mac was it a fast connection
    such as dsl or was it dial up speed meaning if you were to go on youtube and try to watch a video on your computer threw the bluetooth connection would it be able to stream the movie at a high speed?basically all i want to know is if it is a high speed connection

  43. Nice site!

  44. Great info. Thank you.

    Got this working with Vodafone UK / SE W880 / MacBook.

    Does anybody know how much this would cost? Details of data services pricing (on VF UK anyway) is hard to find.

  45. Great work mate. Full credit, you made it easy. I got this working with a K800i, sweet as a nut!

  46. Good job mate! Thank you for sharing

  47. Excellent instructions and still working years after publication! Just a few minor tweaks required for my K800i but it worked first time – that just never happens for me! Better than the help I received from Vodafone UK (who’d do well to read these instructions too).

  48. can somebody tell me how to get GPRS on my sony ericsson z300a e mail me at [email protected]

  49. I have trying since so long to have the internet connection on my Mac OS X laptop with the GPRS internet connection that I have on my Nokia N70 phone.

    Since my mac cannot get connected to the N70 by USB. I just can’t connect to internet on mac.

    Please do help me in Connecting to O2 GPRS via N70 and Mac OS X with Bluetooth Modem. Its a german company providing internet and telephone services.

    I am eagerly looking forward to your reply

  50. Hi,

    Could someone please send me information on how to set this up with Airtel GPRS?


    [email protected]